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Right now at a press occasion in San Francisco, travel startup Airbnb announced Airbnb Neighborhoods, a guide to help travelers choose which community best matches their interests and vacation design. Deemed the definitive manual to going through neighborhoods by Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, users can click on various tags relating to the cities to aid greater acquaint them with neighborhood neighborhoods; in London, for instance, you can click on museums and it will pull up the neighborhoods and rentals closest to museums.

[Travelers] are overwhelmed with selections and these choices are vastly various, explained Mr. Chesky. We’ve polled our customers and they’ve told us that place is the most essential criteria for them when reserving. So we have a dilemma: spot is the most crucial criteria for travelers. When they come to a city, they have 1000’s of options in all various neighborhoods and they’re overwhelmed.

NYC short term rentals

Finding a NYC short term rentals can be a bit of a challenge. There are lots of choices, but all the listings you come across may not have the amenities you need. If you’re visiting the city or need a place to stay in a short amount of time, Short Term Rentals NYC can help.

When the visit the Short Term Rentals NYC website, you’ll be able to choose the amenities you’re looking for, so you can find a great listing in just seconds. The website allows you to choose the price you’re willing to pay for rent, as well as the part of town and the number of bedrooms you want.

Once you find listings that will meet your needs, you can also search the ‘partners’ tab on the Short Term Rentals NYC website. There, you’ll find travel agencies and hotels, as well as businesses that are nearby. These resources can help you plan your NYC vacation, and will make it easier for you to host family and friends when they come into town.

Anything Is Possible For Michael Capponi

Belle is a member of the group Artists for Peace and Justice, which has attracted major star power to Haiti, including recent visitors Penelope Cruz, Clint Eastwood, Demi Moore, Ben Stiller and Victoria’s Secret head photographer, Russell James. Film director Paul Haggis (Crash) recently gave a master class to students at the Ciné Institute.

Some of the group have been involved in Jacmel for some time, including Bello and New York film director David Belle who runs a film school in Jacmel, the Ciné Institute. Others, such as legendary designer Donna Karan and tennis star Venus Williams, were introduced to Haiti after the earthquake, along with Capponi.

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This piece about 39-year-old promoter and construction company owner Michael Capponi) does more than an excellent job of covering Capponi’s past and current successes, business and humanitarian efforts and seemingly endless positive beliefs and energy. “Tale of a Key Rat: The Michael Capponi Story” also openly explores the personal challenges Capponi faced as a young man and outlines how those challenges turned him into the business and cultural leader he is today.

The author, David Adams, pays close attention to the past, present and future throughout the piece by repeatedly mentioning Capponi’s present works and then relating them back to Capponi’s past experiences and his ideas for the future. Lastly, Adams provides one of the best behind-the-scenes accounts about the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Capponi’s emergency response efforts and Capponi’s continuing attempts to revitalize various cultural centers in Haiti, like Jacmel, where a rich art history exists.

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